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RAHUA - Enchanted Island™ Essential Hair Care Set

RAHUA - Enchanted Island™ Essential Hair Care Set

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RAHUA - Enchanted Island™ Essential Hair Care Set


  • Enchanted Island™ Shampoo 9.3 fl. oz.
  • Enchanted Island™ Conditioner 9.3 fl. oz.

A celebration of paradise on Earth, Rahua Enchanted Island™ Shampoo and Conditioner is formulated to strengthen and add radiance to all hair types.

This vitamin and antioxidant rich duo infuses vitality into strands. Featuring plant based Biotin, Vitamins B6, A, C, and E to promote healthy looking hair.

Boosted with nature’s antioxidants including pomegranate and symbiotic, rainforest grown Guayusa, Rahua, Morete and Sacha Inchi oils.

This enchanting and nourishing tropical set adds vibrancy and shine to hair while you escape to the enchanted island of your dreams with the exquisite aromas of guava and coconut.

For All Hair Types

Natural Notes: Enchanting Guava & Coconut

How to use: Apply shampoo on damp hair, massage, lather, enjoy. Rinse and repeat as desired. After shampooing, apply Conditioner and massage hair and scalp, rinse.

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